Business in Sports

It is a fact that sport has in the last few decades become a major economic activity that needs to thank mainly to the birth of the information age. Sponsorship, professional players, media right and many other business activities are now having a great impact on the nature of sport in China.

The next huge frontier is sports management in China. Sports form a great platform for marketing of business. AMA has an overwhelming passion for the business through sports especially China will has the 2008 Beijng Olympic Games.

AMA's partners have a long, successful history in the commercialization of the Olympic Games and commercialized sports events with links to many great talents in different sports fields; and our Asian partners have superb connections with the right people in China. Positive results in business are achieved through a combination of branding, sales and ultimate consumer loyalty, and marketing through sports will contribute significantly making those goals a reality.

AMA has partnered with Tiger Sports Limited and ready for exploitation of this golden opportunity.

Tiger Sports is registered in the Cayman Islands and has Beijing Branch..

  • Clear Channel / SFX is a powerful, superbly positioned conglomerate in the United States and Europe.

  • One of Clear Channel¡¯s top people, Donald L. Dell, and Dr. Po-Wen Huang of Taishan Capital Corporation were classmates at Yale.

  • Clear Channel and Tiger Sports have already signed an initial cooperative contract.

  • The U.S. partner of Tiger Sports will initially direct and oversee manage the company¡¯s activities, working together with a strong Chinese counterpart team

  • Tiger Sports will essentially pursue sports, entertainment, and later the media businesses in China -- starting with sports, then phasing into the other areas.

  • The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2007 Special Olympics in Shanghai constitute a special target area of focus, presenting a large scope of opportunities for commercial exploitation.