China Market Development Opportunities

• Beijing 2008 Olympics related business opportunities
• IT research and strategic consulting
• Telecommunications market
• Finance and Banking market
• E-business and Internet market
• Marketing through Sports
• Global Positioning System market
• others

Immediate Business Opportunities for International Companies in China

Post-WTO China and the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympics have created enormous business opportunities for international companies in the near term. Not to be outdone, Shanghai has won the rights to host both the 2007 Special Olympics and has won the 2010 World's Fair as well. Both of these events have received great support by the relevant Chinese government.

China, as the world's fastest growing developing economy and its largest destination of foreign direct investment, presents a major opportunity for trade and investment by International IT, infrastructure, and other business related corporations.

In China, economic activity and investment are primarily driven by government projects. Several government-funded technology infrastructure initiatives currently underway in China represent the largest ever opportunities for overseas firms. 

Challenges for Overseas Companies in China

However, China is a complex and difficult market in which to enter and compete effectively. Many believe that the Chinese market is opaque and difficult to navigate without professional local guidance. Like most countries, local relevance, good information and exceptional relationships are very important in the China market. To date, many overseas companies have wasted time and scarce resources with flawed China strategies. Global companies that want to really understand China and develop profitable business there need expert guidance and professional business development advice.