Mr. Bob Hayward

Executive advisor

Mr. Bob Hayward is an executive advisor to AMA INFOTECH DEVELOPMENT INC.

Bob Hayward was Senior Vice President and Research Fellow in Gartner, the world¡¯s leading IT consultancy. Bob was responsible for growth strategy for Gartner in Asia Pacific and Japan, for business development and for representing Gartner Research in the region.

He has over 20 years experience in the IT industry, working in Europe, USA and Asia/Pacific at various senior levels within the Software industry. Bob has managed Asia/Pacific operations for Candle Corporation, and introduced Tivoli Systems into Asia/Pacific through his own distribution company. 

Bob travels throughout Asia Pacific (from China through Australia through Japan) meeting with the most senior executives in the IT industry, as well as the boards of many major public companies and senior regional politicians. He has personally met with John Chambers (CISCO), Michael Dell (Dell), Larry Ellison (Oracle) and Craig Mundie (CTO of Microsoft). Within the past year, Bob has had meetings with the Federal Ministers of ICT for India, Singapore, Australia, China and Japan, as well as time spent with several regional state governors and premiers and dozens of CEOs.

He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and seminars across the region. He continues to be a prolific author of Gartner research reports, personally preparing major Gartner documents such as ¡°The Maturity of IT in Asia/Pacific¡± and ¡°Australia¡¯s ICT Future¡±. Bob is frequently quoted in the media, including national newspapers and regional business magazines. He has a regular column on Innovation in the Australian Business Review Weekly magazine. He has also appeared on CNBC, BBC World and CNN International, as well as Channel Seven, Channel Nine and ABC in Australia.

GARTNER is the world¡¯s largest and most prestigious IT research and strategic consulting company with over 3,700 associates including 1,000 analysts and consultants globally, Gartner provides actionable, controversial and accurate advice to all major IT suppliers as well as all the major corporate users of IT.

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