Mr. Hong, Gang

Founder and President

Hong Gang is the Founder and President of AMA Infotech Development Inc., a business management company to provide market penetration solutions and investment risk management service focused on companies to achieve business significant success in China. AMA has performed China market development for Gartner - the world's leading IT research and strategic consulting firm during 1997-2008. In the area of investment, AMA is working with Investment Banking and Private Equity advising on Chinese projects. He has a successful track record of developing a number of businesses into China' s IT, Telecommunications, Outsourcing and Beijing Olympics 2008 related business areas.

Hong Gang has more than 25 years experience in business development in the IT sectors, and has successful experience to work closely with Chinese state government (NDRC, MII, MOC), Beijing and Shanghai municipal governments, Cities Software Parks and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the industry of Telecommunications, Banking, Outsourcing, Oil and Gas, Automobile, as well as 2008 Beijing Olympics Organization Committee.

Prior above, Hong was as an executive partner to manage several companies that business including GPS (Global Positioning System), DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and ISP of Internet.

Hong Gang is a executive advisor to China Sourcing (National) Working Committee (owned by Ministry of Commerce), and a senior advisor to China Sourcing (National) Alliance (owned by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). He is Chairman at Outsourcing Committee, China Business Council (CCBC).

Hong Gang was a magna cum laude graduate of TsingHua University in Beijing , in Electrical Engineering. His family lives in Canada.


Doing business in China is not something you figure out once, it is an ongoing journey. Hong Gang is a master at understanding the complexities of doing business with Chinese companies and Chinese government agencies. He has a long and proven track record of guiding western companies through successful transactions and relationships. Jamie Popkin, Group Vice President, Gartner inc. , Author of "IT and the East" by Harvard Press ( March 26, 2008)

"I have worked entensively with Hong Gang in my role at Gartner and he has been a fantastic asset to expanding Gartner's penetration into China and also assisting in our research activities. I have worked with many people in China during my 16 years of business activities in the country and can recommend Hong Gang as one of the best, most flexible and most helpful that I have worked with." Dion Wiggins, former Vice President & Research Director, Gartner (November, 2005)


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