Sports for Business

Sports for business in marketing


It is a fact that sport has in the last few decades become a major economic activity that needs to thank mainly to the birth of the information age. Sponsorship, professional players, media right and many other business activities are now having a great impact on the nature of sport in China.

The next huge frontier is sports management in China. Sports form a great platform for marketing of business. Motorsports, basketball, tennis, and golf are developing in leaps and bounds. The professional tours including the F¨¦d¨¦ration Internationale de lˇ®Automobile (FIA), the NBA, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) are focusing more and more attention on the China market. With this rapid internationalization comes promotion, media excitement, and a basis for high profile, sponsor-friendly sports and entertainment events, which will be a commercial winner.

Partners of Tiger Sports Ltd. have a long, successful history in the commercialization of the Olympic Games and commercialized sports events with links to many great talents in different sports fields; and our Asian partners have superb connections with the right people in China. Positive results in business are achieved through a combination of branding, sales and ultimate consumer loyalty, and marketing through sports will contribute significantly making those goals a reality.

AMA has partnered with Tiger Sports and ready for exploitation of this golden opportunity.

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