Scope of Services
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Scope of Services

China Market Penetration services pack:

¡¤ Business management consulting and implementation
¡¤ Investment risk management
¡¤ Due diligence and partner evaluation
¡¤ Marketing promotion
¡¤ State and local government relationship

Areas of Expertise

While each and every client of ours is unique, a typical relationship with AMA starts out with an initial consultation between you and us, where we explore your goals and needs as well as what we can help you achieve.

The services that we offer are grouped into the following broad categories:

  • Business management consulting and implementation
  • Key state and local government support
  • Introductory services

(1) Business management consulting and implementation We have the resources to assist you in the development, operation and implementation of your China strategy.

Pre-market entry planning stage. Our services start in the pre-market entry planning stages where we analyze your market opportunities in China. Should you then wish to move forward on a China strategy we will assist your company in developing a focused business development plan and provide you with locally based hands-on operational support to help you with execution.

Investment risk analysis. An in-depth knowledge of the Chinese economy is vital in building a more complete cost and benefit analysis of any investment in China. Foreign companies frequently fail to account for many hidden costs that may arise from an investment due to insufficient knowledge of the procedures and hidden costs of doing business in China. AMA¡¯s market knowledge and experience means that our investment risk analysis service is able to help you minimize the risk of making investment decisions based on incomplete information.

Due diligence and partner evaluation. Proper due diligence is vital when conducting business, more so in China. We have the experience and relationships that allow us to conduct the complete due diligence you need to have peace of mind when conducting business with your Chinese counterparties.

Marketing promotion. Successful marketing in China involves a deep understanding of the Chinese customer. China¡¯s unique culture and history with only very recent Western exposure makes its consumer profile very different from those of other developing countries. Hence a successful marketing campaign here in China requires ideas from a Chinese consumer¡¯s point of view. In this area of public affairs, AMA has strategic partnership with the global public affairs and strategic communications firms. We also maintain strong connections with local media outlets, publications and public relations firms. Together we are able to help our clients develop successful sales and marketing strategies. We excel in localized marketing and brand building.

(2) Key state and local government support AMA works closely with and on behalf of state and local government organizations. AMA maintains high-level relationships with principal decision makers in a number of key state and local government and industry ministries. We often have government and regulatory approval and support prior to developing and implementing our clients¡¯ business development strategies to safeguard success. AMA has been called on by leading national and municipal government to promote business development opportunities for large-scale domestic projects within China. These include the past Beijing 2008 Olympics, Outsourcing in IT Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and other large projects based in Beijing, Shanghai and other more than 10 cities. AMA's primary goal remains helping international companies navigate the complexities of doing business in China by providing hands-on local support, business development planning and execution strategies.

Project Bidding Advice Our close relationships with the principal decision makers involved in sectors such as IT, Telecom, Banking, Oil and Gas, and national Outsourcing, gives us a unique insight which is invaluable to any firm wishing to bid for government-related projects in these industries.

(3) Introductory services Our successful history of business in China has earned us an array of solid relationships and contacts with both the business community and government. Our clients will benefit from the introductory services we provided that leverage on this valuable resource. This is particularly useful in identifying local partners, business parties as well as contacts. In addition, we organize events which aim to promote further communication and understanding between the business community and policy-makers, as well as networking events, which our clients will have preferential priority attendance allocation.

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