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About AMA Infotech

AMA Infotech Development Inc. is a business management company to provide China market penetration and investment risk management service focused on corporations achieves business significant success in China. AMA¡¯s primary goal remains helping companies navigate the complexities of doing business in China by providing service with hands-on local support, business development planning and executions.

AMA as business partner has performed China wide market development for Gartner - the world's leading IT research and strategic consulting firm during 1997-2008. In the area of investment, AMA is working with Investment Banking and Pravite Equity advising on Chinese projects.

Recently AMA is foucsing on Investment Risk Management & Sourcing business solutions between USA, Canada, India and China.

AMA has a successful track record of developing a number of businesses into China' s IT, Telecommunication, Financing, Oil and Gas and Beijing Olympics 2008 related business areas.

Service of Market Penetration in IT & Outsourcing :
. Business Strategy
. Investment Risk management
. Government Relationship
. Marketing and Promotion
. Due Diligence


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